The public transportation is the most important service for the community, without this, the mobilization would be totally different; at the urban level, the passenger transport is decisive for the work displacement and community movement. In Toluca, the public transport is compound from buses, taxis and collectives, although one of the problems that affect more to the public transportation is the administration for the organization and optimization of the infrastructure, an intern problem is the lack of social and vial education.

Lately, the transport has been affected by external conditions, governmentally, such as the rise in the price of the gasoline, this has not only let to the carriers see the need to increase the price per trip, but that the customers are seemed to be affected by the money they have to spend in the transportation because if they were slightly able to survive the day with the quite salary  now they have to improve their organization so that doesn’t affect them that much, since most of them, have to travel long distances to arrive to their jobs and they don’t even have another option to go that distance. The security of the public transportation is an important topic to discuss because is well known that generally in Mexico, is not the safest ways to travel since has been a free number of robbery cases and attentive against customers life. On the other hand, another topic that should worry us is the pollution that the transport is causing; nevertheless is still a government problem since they has not allocated the sufficient resources to improve the technology or at least punish the ones that are causing more danger for the community, maybe that’s why even the owners of the transport don’t care about maintaining in good condition their own work material.

The government effort for improving this aspects, is still insufficient and we are far away to be at the same level with developing countries where the public transportation is so efficient that the people rather taking the public transportation than using their cars.

The problems of public transportation are associate with different temporally changes and vary from place to place, and the solution takes further investigation about this conditioning factors and get to the best solution.

We can conclude that this kind of problems, do not have easy solutions and is necessary to take different points of view as from the community, the users and the government, because without them the public transportation would not have the proper functioning.